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Stories of a shared vision

Investment Strategy

With a strategic focus on private equity, liquid investments and real estate, our investments are stories of a shared vision and values through unique partnerships. We believe in co-ownership, and we provide companies and GP’s with the capital needed to support shared ambitions and a commitment to growth.

In addition to a participating interest, Oosterbaan Investment Group provides a broad range of resources: industry expertise, proprietary research and an expanded network of strategic visionaries. Partnering allows us to benefit from cross-fertilization, in the service of superior returns.

Our Portfolio

We manage an opportunity-based private equity portfolio which is structured and operated as a fund of funds. Our investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by providing the equity needed for growth. This growth may take various forms: leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, acquisitions and expansions.

We are predominantly invested in funds of top tier players with a focus on corporate buy-outs. In addition, we invest in a well-considered selection of smaller funds, first-time funds of mid-cap companies and co-investment opportunities with our trusted GP’s worldwide.

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